第795集:Google I/O 2021

0:00:00 – HKPUG 會訊
0:04:51 – 每週 IT 新聞
1:12:43 – Main Topic

Tag: Apple, Accessibility, AssistiveTouch for Apple Watch, Eye-Tracking Support for iPad, VoiceOver, iPhone Hearing Aids and Audiogram Support, Background Sounds, Sound Actions, Apple Music Lossless, Apple vs Epic, Craig Federighi, New York Times, App Store approval, censorship, 賽格大廈晃動, Google I/O, Google Workspaces, Google Translate, Google Chrome Password Manager, Google Maps Live View, Shopping Graph, Google Photos, Android 12, Android TV, WearOS, Samsung, Tizen, AI 影像診斷, Project Starline

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